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Modern door lock bedroom door lock

Modern door lock bedroom door lock

Detailed introduction

Light Luxury DS3156 Bedroom door lock (access door bathroom door)

Deep foundation:

Rooted in deep Western art soil, 720 years of artistic heritage, 14 years of craftsmanship, combining classic art with modern craftsmanship. Excellent taste and meticulous service to successful people.

Ultimate Art:

Each product was meticulously conceived and manufactured by AOPO's designers, engineers and craftsmen, and was created in response to modern decorative styles. It not only integrates artistic aesthetics and elite quality, but also fully witnesses the forward-looking industry standards of AOPO copper homes, and dedicates to AOPO users with an extraordinary experience.

product material

Premium copper:

Copper metal is expensive and scarce. It has the extraordinary significance of reaping the blessings and warding the evils. Whether in the East or the West, it has been regarded as a symbol of identity and taste since ancient times. It can be passed down from generation to generation. Copper also has the effect of sterilization and bacteriostasis, and it is durable.

Excellent material:

Any of the products are made of high-quality imported 59# forged copper rods, and the 59# copper rods occupy the first place in the top-level home hardware halls due to their superior comprehensive performance.

Excellent quality:

The international standard of surface hardness exceeding 4H is smoothly opened more than 300,000 times. Anti-shock test: anti-impact 500 kg or more, safe and durable.

Copper plus crystal

Product color

GP color:

The unique 24K gold process shines with the sun-like brilliance, the high-reflective gold and metal texture, the extraordinary effect of the noble atmosphere, and the luxurious life is not obvious.

Green bronze:

The green bronze color is just the right age, which gives the abyss a vertical and horizontal artistic conception, showing the aristocratic spirit of ancient elegance, and showing the gentleman's connotation of wisdom and elegance between low-key.

Product process

Artistic reproduction:

The copper rod after intelligent precision control is forged and shaped by a 1000-ton forging press

. The super-strong forging force can make the product perfectly reproduce the master's design from the slightest, showing the artist's strong personal style.

Finely crafted:

The standard blanks after multiple precision machining will enter the manual grinding and polishing process. In order to achieve the extraordinary effect of bright and mirror, we have carefully designed 26 steps of coarse/fine sand, hard/soft hemp wheel, cloth wheel, thick/soft cloth wheel and so on. The respect and perseverance of this kind of opponent crafts make each copper product become a unique art treasure.

Honor surface:

Each product requires a 6-12 layer high-frequency critical fusion plating process, which significantly enhances the density and hardness of the surface to achieve excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and elegant artistic effects. The plating quality of AOPO is 20 times higher than the national standard. The fog test reached 200 hours.


First, handle

1. Solid mechanics handle

Solid handle, ergonomic mechanics design, feels warm, full of touch, open and comfortable

2. All copper forged handle

The shape is elegant, the lines are twirling, and the noble atmosphere is revealed! Silicone pad at the handle, silent and scratch-resistant.

Second, the panel

1. Panel carved

Crafted, every stroke is tailored for you.

Third, copper core lock

1. Pure copper high-quality marbles, running smoothly and smoothly, low mutual opening rate, and the inner core rotates smoothly.

2. One-button anti-locking, the indoor rotating outdoor can not open the solid strong distance knob, easy to open.

3. Silent lock body, integrated lock tongue, pressure resistance, torsion resistance, bending resistance and other aspects of performance are relatively strong.

Fourth, antibacterial and antibacterial

1. The whole series uses antibacterial copper, and protects a home with heart!

The principle of copper antibacterial sterilization:

Since the cell's primary protection (outer membrane) has been compromised, the copper ion stream can enter the cell interior without any barrier. Some important processes inside the cell are destroyed. Copper really controls the inside of the cell and hinders cell metabolism (such as the biochemical reactions necessary for life). Metabolic reactions are driven by enzymes that lose activity when excess copper binds to the enzyme. The bacteria will then be unable to breathe, eat, digest and produce energy.

2. Surface spray film-forming agent from the inside and outside double antibacterial sterilization

As early as 2013, AOPO R&D team exchanged and cooperated with excellent manufacturers of antibacterial products and new materials and new technology experts from all over the world, such as the United States and Germany. After five years of technology research and development, it broke through layers of bottlenecks and finally became efficient. Antibacterial and sterilizing metal spray film forming agent, spraying the film forming agent on the surface of the hardware product to form an antibacterial film, which can be firmly bonded to the metal surface, can prevent the harm caused by microorganisms, and make the treated surface bacteriostatic The bactericidal effect; after the results of the Guangdong Provincial Microbial Analysis and Testing Center, the antibacterial rate of the film forming agent against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli reached 99%; no loss, no hydrolysis, long-lasting antibacterial and bactericidal effect; good thermal stability, The decomposition temperature is greater than 200 ° C; at the same time passed REACH, ROHS, without DMF and other related environmental monitoring certification.





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