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Hotel door lock

Hotel door lock

Detailed introduction

Return to GREECE Door lock (bedroom bathroom kitchen study children's room)

Designer: George Duke

Nationality: United States

Design source: majestic and quiet natural source

Design elements: trace the source of the original, showing the brilliant texture of the copper and the lustrous

Symbolic Meaning——The Kingdom of Thought of Freedom and Overstepping

The core pursuit of "Return to Greece" is: the ideological kingdom of freedom and super-imagination. It is a symbol of pursuing peace of mind and keeping soul freedom. It is the spiritual portrayal of today's famous celebrities who are cherished and cherished by their own enthusiasm.

Ancient Greek spirit - pursuing peace of mind and keeping soul free

The ancient Greeks regarded the understanding and reflection of the universe, nature and life as the inherent instinct of mankind. They advocate the essence of reciting things to achieve perfect rationality. George Duke extends this perfect rationality into the design. Therefore, from the return to Greece, we can realize the spiritual pursuit of pursuing spiritual tranquility, maintaining spiritual freedom and superb, and advocating the origin of things.

Design Ideas - Ancient Wisdom of Zhuang Jing Harmony

Returning to Greece is a natural source of majestic and serene, using the beauty of tempering to annotate ancient wisdom. The overall shape has a straightforward beauty. The simple and neat style returns to the design concept of the master returning to the original, expressing the calm and harmonious atmosphere.

product material

Selected high quality copper materials as raw materials:

After thousands of years of practice and accumulation, copper has been promoted as the best material for shunning the evils and complementing Feng Shui. It represents the noble, evil spirits and prosperous wealth, and has been highly respected by the royal aristocrats of the past. Throughout the ages, copper has been the best token of the ruling class's strategizing and demonstrating identity. The intricately crafted copper ornaments can be used to decorate home life and are also a collection of cultural art.

Professional antibacterial copper, natural antibacterial to create a healthy home space:

Ingenious to build, sturdy and durable, can be passed down from generation to generation. Copper antibacterial and bactericidal, effectively inhibiting germs from invading the human body and creating a healthy and comfortable home space for the family.

Product color

SG/GP color:

The unique 24K gold process shines with the sun-like brilliance, the high-reflective gold and metal texture, the extraordinary effect of the noble atmosphere, and the luxurious life is not obvious.

Product process

Material selection of high quality forged copper rods

Healthy and environmentally friendly, green and low carbon. And it has the effect of sterilization and bacteriostasis. In March 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially recognized the medical and public life areas, using copper and its alloy products to reduce bacterial infections.

One-time forming forging technology

The product is formed in one thousand times by a double-plate double-disc friction press machine. Super forging and pressing force makes the product perfectly reflect the designer's imagination and inspiration. In addition, the thousand-ton forging makes the product structure more stable, anti-smashing, anti-extraction, anti-collision ability is extremely strong, and the anti-theft property is greatly worried about ordinary zinc alloy products.

Multiple processes are carefully crafted

It is hand-carved by experienced craftsmen and has undergone processing processes such as coarse sand, fine sand, hard hemp wheel, coarse cloth wheel and soft cloth wheel. After such meticulous processing, the surface of the product is fine and smooth, and looks like a mirror. Perfectly reproduces the master's design.

Years under high frequency plating

High-frequency critical fusion plating process to achieve excellent corrosion and wear resistance. The product is tested by the CMA authority and is 3 times higher than the national standard.

Real gold shines beyond the charm of time

AOPO's unique real gold craftsmanship perfectly presents refined and elegant artistic effects. It is like the radiance of the sun, righteous and noble.


First, handle

1. Solid mechanics handle

Solid handle, ergonomic mechanics design, feels warm, full of touch, open and comfortable

2. All copper forged handle

The shape is elegant, the lines are twirling, and the noble atmosphere is revealed! Silicone pad at the handle, silent and scratch-resistant.

Second, the panel

1. Panel carved

Crafted, every stroke is tailored for you.

Third, copper core lock

1. Pure copper high-quality marbles, running smoothly and smoothly, low mutual opening rate, and the inner core rotates smoothly.

2. One-button anti-locking, the indoor rotating outdoor can not open the solid strong distance knob, easy to open.

3. Silent lock body, integrated lock tongue, pressure resistance, torsion resistance, bending resistance and other aspects of performance are relatively strong.

Fourth, antibacterial and antibacterial

1. The whole series uses antibacterial copper, and protects a home with heart!

The principle of copper antibacterial sterilization:

Since the cell's primary protection (outer membrane) has been compromised, the copper ion stream can enter the cell interior without any barrier. Some important processes inside the cell are destroyed. Copper really controls the inside of the cell and hinders cell metabolism (such as the biochemical reactions necessary for life). Metabolic reactions are driven by enzymes that lose activity when excess copper binds to the enzyme. The bacteria will then be unable to breathe, eat, digest and produce energy.

2. Surface spray film-forming agent from the inside and outside double antibacterial sterilization

As early as 2013, AOPO R&D team exchanged and cooperated with excellent manufacturers of antibacterial products and new materials and new technology experts from all over the world, such as the United States and Germany. After five years of technology research and development, it broke through layers of bottlenecks and finally became efficient. Antibacterial and sterilizing metal spray film forming agent, spraying the film forming agent on the surface of the hardware product to form an antibacterial film, which can be firmly bonded to the metal surface, can prevent the harm caused by microorganisms, and make the treated surface bacteriostatic The bactericidal effect; after the results of the Guangdong Provincial Microbial Analysis and Testing Center, the antibacterial rate of the film forming agent against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli reached 99%; no loss, no hydrolysis, long-lasting antibacterial and bactericidal effect; good thermal stability, The decomposition temperature is greater than 200 ° C; at the same time passed REACH, ROHS, without DMF and other related environmental monitoring certification.

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